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Posters & Demos

Below is an unordered list of posters accepted to ACM I3D 2011.

  • Using Perceptual Features to Prioritize Ray-based Image Generation
    B. Kainz, M. Steinberger, S. Hauswiesner, R. Khlebnikov, D. Kalkofen, D. Schmalstieg
  • Stochastic Modeling of Light-weight Floating Objects
    Zhi Yuan, Fan Chen, Ye Zhao
  • Efficient Adaptive Tiling for Programmable Rendering
    Stanley Tzeng, Anjul Patney, John D. Owens
  • Footstep Navigation for Dynamic Crowds
    Shawn Singh, Mubbasir Kapadia, Glenn Reinman, Petros Faloutsos
  • Interactive Indirect Illumination Using Voxel Cone Tracing
    Cyril Crassin, Fabrice Neyret, Miguel Sainz, Simon Green, Elmar Eisemann
  • Supporting Internal Visualization of Biomedical Datasets via 3D Rapid Prototypes and Sketch-based Gestures
    Vamsi Konchada, Bret Jackson, Trung Le, Iman Borazjani, Fotis Sotiropoulos, Daniel F. Keefe
  • Poisson Disk Ray-Marched Ambient Occlusion
    Gaël Sourimant, Pascal Gautron, Jean-Eudes Marvie
  • gHull: A Three-dimensional Convex Hull Algorithm for Graphics Hardware
    Mingcen Gao, Thanh-Tung Cao, Tiow-Seng Tan, Zhiyong Huang
  • Flexible Editing of Style, Identity and Content of Human Motion
    Zhiying He, Xiaohui Liang, Jian Wang, Yiming Yue
  • Image-space Constraints for Controlling Camera Interpolation
    Ross Sowell, Tom Erez, Emily Feder, Cindy Grimm, Jianqi Xing, Leon Barrett
  • Behavior Authoring for Crowd Simulations
    Mubbasir Kapadia, Shawn Singh, Glenn Reinman, Petros Faloutsos
  • Interactive Construction of 3D Mathematical Visualization Models
    Carlo H. Sequin
  • Level-of-Detail and Streaming Optimized Irradiance Normal Mapping
    Ralf Habel
  • Chronos Tennis: an online Tennis game better than Wii
    Chi Cui, Kun Qian
  • The Research and Realization of Parameterized Three-dimensional Plant Simulation Based on Fractal Theory
    Junfeng Yao, Hui Zhang, Bin Wu, Fengchun Lin, Binxing Wang
  • Multi-pass Rendering of Stereoscopic Video on Consumer Graphics Cards
    Jonas Schild, Sven Seele, Jonas Fischer, Maic Masuch
  • Programming by Sketch for Scientific Computing
    Hanyu Liu, Andrew Bragdon, Attila Bergou, Jian Chen

Accepted poster authors will have an opportunity to present a 1-2 minute talk during a poster "Fast Forward" session. A special poster session scheduled during the conference will provide a more informal setting to present your work, allowing one-on-one discussions with attendees. Poster presenters will be responsible for printing and transporting their own poster. You should plan to give demos on a laptop, as we may be unable to guarantee access to a power supply during the poster session.

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